Cultural buildings

Tsar Samuil fortress, Petrich city, Bulgaria (photo)

Carrying out infrastructure works associated with the development of cultural and historical attraction "Samuil Fortress“
Investor: Petritch Municipality
Total amount: BGN 932 260.00

Trayanovi Vrati fortress (photo)

Perform construction working for the restoration and conservation on fortress “Trayanovi Vrata”
Investor: Kostenetz Municipality
Total amount: BGN 2 134 234.00

ancient village & fortress (photo)

Conservation, restoration, exhibition and socialization of the ancient village and ancient fortress on a promontory "St. Atanas"
Investor: Byala Municipality
Total amount: BGN 4 515 845.00

early - Byzantine fortress (photo)

Restoration and partial reintegration of early - Byzantine fortress and emergency strengthening of Stone church “ Konstantin and Elena”,
Qilata area
Investor: Kavarna Municipality
Total amount: BGN 1 760...

building of the Opera and Philharmonic Society, Rousse (photo)

Reconstruction, rehabilitation and equipping of the building of the Opera and Philharmonic Society
Total area: 650 м²
Investor: Ministry of Culture
Total amount: BGN 684 000.00